Promote an eco-responsible tourism

We commit to offer tours and activities that are respectful of the environment and that do not unreasonably contribute to the deterioration of any aspect of our nature.

Engage other actors to follow our green path

We work to engage our partners on the same green and white path, and solicit them to adopt a similar responsible behavior.

Enforce strict criteria

When deciding to offer a tour, we pay a particular attention to a long list of criteria. Even the smallest detail matters.

Provide full and transparent information

We should always provide full and transparent information to our guests about the safaris and should warn them about the ecological and/or ethical risks of certain activities.

Respect indigenous cultures and local people

We refuse to take advantage of indigenous cultures and local people.  We do not offer tours and activities that may affect their values, hurt their traditions or that are organized without their consent.

Financially help eco-responsible projects

We commit to donate 10% of our benefits to fund eco-responsible projects in Lapland, or support local associations that struggle for climate justice or work for a more responsible tourism in Lapland.

Stick to our principles

We commit not to offer activities that would not comply with our moral, ethical and ecological principles.